For my next recipe I have chosen fiskefilet which means fish fillet. Luckily this time the Danish and the English are the same and it really is a fish fillet. When you grow up in Denmark there are two foods that nearly all children love to eat. The first one is frikadeller. These are a…


For my next recipe I have chosen æbleskiver. Æbleskiver means ‘apple slices’, which is weird because it doesn’t have any apples in it and it’s not sliced. Æbleskiver are actually round pancakes which you dip in jam and then icing sugar, and they are really yummy. In Denmark, they are mostly eaten in the winter.


I chose pebernødder as my first recipe as it really reminds me of Denmark. We usually had pebernødder at Christmas. They are delicious biscuits with cinnamon and ginger in them.