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This is a drawing of me. It makes me look like I haven’t got any ears but I have really.
Hello, my name is George and I am at school in Year 4 in Canberra, Australia. I recently moved here from Denmark where I grew up. I like living in Australia but I also miss lots of things about Denmark, especially the food.

For a school project, I am going to learn how to cook some of my favourite Danish food and I am going to share what I learn here on this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe even have a go at cooking some of the recipes yourself.

I mostly do the website myself but my Dad helps me a bit with the Danish translations and the technical stuff. My Mum and Dad also help me get the shopping and do the cooking too.

If I am a bit slow to reply to comments it is probably because I am at school, or asleep, or doing other homework.